H C Narang: An Academician with Distinction

Students’ Squad: Group Learning

The Medley of Abstract Visual and
Performative Arts.

Clustering Class: Classroom Synergy

Literature on Canvas: Constructing
Colourful Creations

About VSES

Vivekananda School of English Studies (VSES) runs three-year BA English (Honours) programme. It stimulates, enhances and nurtures the interpretative, expressive and critical skills of the students within a rigorous English Honours course that takes them through the best in world literature. The faculty at VSES engage the students in identifying, analysing, interpreting and describing the texts within the historical, social, geographical and cultural contexts in order to enhance their ability to read, understand and reflect on texts from different perspectives. Regular internal assessments, class presentations, intense tutorial sessions and a packed timetable are the hallmark of the department, empowering the students for their future professional endeavors whether it is in the field of higher academic learning, communication or publishing. Woven within the pedagogy is the exciting tapestry of the co-curricular calendar of varied literary activities.